In a bid to assist the struggling restaurant industry during the COVID-19 shelter in place order, the City of Los Angeles is launching a new service to install temporary food pick-up zones near restaurants. 

The program, announced last week by the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT), will installs signs free of charge near restaurants and over food providers that apply and are approved for the service.  The application is available at

LADOT will print and install signage within two business days after approving a request from a restaurant.  The sign will designate a single parking spot for customers to use while picking up food from nearby businesses for a period of up to 10 minutes.

The Los Angeles restaurant industry has faced severe impacts from the COVID-19 outbreak, with the slowdown in business resulting in closures and mass layoffs.  County officials have taken some steps to soften the blow, allowing restaurants to sell grocery items during the crisis.