Media Park, a 1.1-acre green space adjacent to Downtown Culver City, could have a makeover in the works.

Last week, Culver City issued a request for proposals seeking a consultants to develop a plan for potential improvements to Media Park, which is Canfield Avenue, Venice Boulevard, and Culver Boulevard.  Potential additions to the park include:

  • bike share and bicycle repair facilities;
  • a coffee shop or concession stand with public restrooms, and 
  • a tot lot. 

Other suggestions from the request for proposals include possibly closing Canfield Avenue to expand the park's size, tree removal or replacement, new decking to address surface tree roots, and identifying space within the facility for a farmer's market.

Proposals are due to Culver City by July 18, with the goal of selecting a vendor by August 12.

Though Media Park abuts Downtown Culver City, and Culver City is leading the redesign process, the property is in fact located within the City of Los Angeles.  The former Culver City Redevelopment Agency entered into a long-term lease agreement with Los Angeles in 1987 for the renovation of the park and the historic Ivy substation, a relic of the Pacific Electric Railroad.

Just across the street from Media Park, a longtime surface parking lot adjacent to the Culver Hotel has been redeveloped with a mixed-use office complex.  The Culver Steps development, built by Hackman Capital Partners, has been leased by Amazon Studios.